Арабские фанаты — новые хозяева Европы. Громят города и ни во что не ставят полицию

После сенсационного успеха Марокко поклонники сборной учинили беспредел… в Нидерландах. Выход сборной Марокко в плей-офф чемпионата мира в Катаре с первого места в группе стал настоящей сенсацией. Африканская команда уверенно опередила Хорватию и Бельгию, считавшихся главными фаворитами квартета F. Повод отпраздновать у марокканских болельщиков действительно выдался весомый, однако гуляния фанатов приняли откровенно деструктивный характер. В марокканских городах поклонники футбола отпраздновали триумф своей сборной … Read more

Warning fuel poverty is ‘off the scale’ as record numbers need help

A record number of people have needed help keeping the lights and heating on through pre-payment meters (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto) A charity providing relief to people in fuel poverty across Britain has said it is giving out a record amount of up to £60,000 in emergency financial support every day.   The energy vouchers are … Read more


 俳優の渡辺徹さん(61)が11月28日に敗血症のため死去したことを、所属先の文学座が公式サイトで発表した。 20日に発熱、腹痛等の症状が出たため都内の病院を受診したところ、細菌性胃腸炎の診断を受け直ち…

Trump Says Mar-a-Lago Security Is ‘Strong’ Despite Fuentes Controversy

Trump campaign officials are considering ramping up security at Mar-a-Lago, AP reported Wednesday. Security at Mar-a-Lago is under scrutiny after Ye was not vetted before his meeting with Trump. But Trump dismissed the report on Thursday, saying security at the resort is “strong.” Loading Something is loading. Thanks for signing up! Access your favorite topics … Read more

Emotional moment fans paid tribute to singer’s late son, Ifeanyi

Emotions were high at Davido Fans Concert in Lagos State last night, 1st December as enthusiasts of the internationally recognized crooner took out some time to send tribute to his late son, Ifeanyi Adeleke. The event which was graced by the presence of several personalities in entertainment, ranging from media personalities, singers, reality stars and … Read more

Plebs: Tom Rosenthal ‘cried a lot’ after filming final scenes

Tom Rosenthal got very emotional when wrapping up Plebs (Picture: ITV) Plebs star Tom Rosenthal admits he ‘cried a lot’ when filming the final ever scenes of his long-running show. After being on screen since 2013, the comedy series will wrap up with a feature length special Soldiers of Rome, which will be released next … Read more

São Paulo Hikes Filming Incentives

If Brazil is now back as a serious player at the climate emergency table following Lula da Silva’s stunning presidential election win in October, film and production investmentmay not be far behind. Launched in 2021, São Paulo city’s 20%-30% cash rebate for foreign shoots and international co-productions, the first of its kind in Brazil, is … Read more

Gen X fans ‘storm’ stage at Morrissey show in Brooklyn

Crazed fans (OK, Gen X moms) stormed the stage when Morrissey played the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn on Wednesday. The perpetually petulant former singer of the Smiths, 63, stomped offstage in Los Angeles last week after just 30 minutes — sources said he was “too cold” — then canceled a string of subsequent gigs due … Read more

Uncensored viral videos of MNA Kanwal Shauzab on Reddit and Twitter

Find out everything there is to know about Kanwal Shauzab’s full video that was leaked on Twitter by clicking this link. On this page of caraengine, the whole link is popular. The Complete Version of the Video Tweeted by Kanwal Shauzab, Currently, internet people are interested in this topic of conversation. Many people are interested … Read more

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